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Referring to a Snyder as a Bitch is like complimenting them. Although loving and willing to help out anyone fortunate enough to be in their "family" circle they can also be the most ruthless of all. The only one who can run over your puppy and tell you to quit being a cry bag. Although ruthless and totally uncontrollable they do have one weakness like Chuck Norris they succumb to Jeff's. If you are lucky enough pry their emotion side open without losing your life they will admit this weakness. They do not rationalize with logic well and you'll never get them to admit fault. Trust me you will lose that argument. They can be very open minded only if the topic stimulates they're interest. And they are otherwise fun to hang around if they have no ammo to use against you or if spontaneous collateral damage does not effect your ego. They are great at turning their lover into personal puppets and will love them well in the sack if they do what the Snyder demands they do. Secrets are a no go with these creatures as they take pride like a succubus to bring one down with their personal dirt. But they will give you the shirt off their lovers back. The one they bought them for christmas. But not all is
Person A : Stop being such a Synder
by NightRyder March 11, 2018
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