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Amazing girl,most likely to have beautiful eyes and skin tone. Excellent personality and the meaning of her name is famous and well-known. Maybe one of the coolest person you will ever know. Once you meet her she might be very shy,but actually she is wild,outgoing and funny. You can trust her with anything. She is really secretive and sometimes insecure. Yet you can come to her to share your problems with. She has perfect curls! She is certain good at certain subjects but dreads at other one. Easy-going but do not teased her with something she do not likes or she will pissed off. Really caring but do not put your back on her.
Oh look at syahirah, so cool
by gratefuldropbear December 27, 2017
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Burnt out honours student who has no life.
I swear, if I dont finish this chapter, im gonna pull a syahirah!
by rynolimo September 27, 2011
Happy St. Patties Day!
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