Senior Washed-Up Girl
I texted two sophomore guys and got rejected by both, but I don't even care because I have a bottle of wine and my $150 vibrator--I LOVE SWUG LIFE
by swug4lyfe October 27, 2010
Level of swag above swag, only to be obtained by the elite of the elite.
"Did you see that play? It was so damn swug."
by Swuggernaut August 28, 2009
word with origins at McKendree College to describe a method of consuming whiskey out of a bottle that is bigger than one swallow, but not quite a chug
That was a champion swug, you killed that bourbon.
by Ron T February 7, 2006
a picture you take of yourself after working out while you are all hot and sweaty. Often times to post on facebook -- as in a sweaty mugshot.
After I worked out for 2 hours at the gym, I took a swug of myself and posted it on facebook.
by becboo August 16, 2013
I went to acapella formal. Im SWUG.

I stayed in on Thursday to eat 2 party size bags of doritos in 15 minutes. #SWUGLYFE

boy1: "yo who dat eating those cheezeballz?"
boy2: "idk mang, she been in the corner all night.."
boy1: "shit wut a SWUG. lets find some freshmen"
by sportychix101 November 25, 2014
The action of attaining maximum swag on a swing set.
Dude! I was swugging hard last night! It was amazing! And then I fucked your mom.
by OG BR4D January 29, 2015
"Hello Honey, do you want a swug? I just finished a marathon, and I want to show my undying love!" ❤️
by Xziz February 11, 2022