A: We have another test in math today.
B: Seriously what the fuck.


A: We have another test in math today.
B: Seriously? What the fuck?


Spoiledmonkey33: We hav another test in math 2day
Blazedbear4: swtf
by B to the J to the P October 14, 2009
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"She Wants to Fuck"

Commonly used to describe women that welcome men between their legs. One can tell that a woman constantly wants to fuck when she not only throws herself upon all those around her, but also make unnecessary sexual references to anything in the area.

To see if a woman is in SWTF mode, simply ask them if they like penis. If they respond with a smile, SWTF. If they don't, politely back away and apologize for the slip of the tongue.
Example 1:
Man #1: Wow, that bitch is really slutty. How many guys has she slept with?

Man #2: None. She is so horny I think she is about to hump that dude's leg. Imma go ask if SWTF.

Example 2:
My little sister's friend walks up to me and randomly gives me a hug. SWTF

Example 3:
Go to Taco Bell. The cashier gives me my change and she brushes my hand. SWTF
by DollaBilly September 18, 2010
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Stands For slut what the fuck
what you would say to your girlfriend/wife after cathcing them cheating or just doing something plain disgusting and wrong
Girl"Hunny i ate all your cheetos"
by ALEX FUCKING CRUSTY January 27, 2009
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