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'Sleeping with Sirens' is a post-hardcore rock band, that consists of Kellin Quinn, Jack Fowler, Justin Hills, and Gabe Barham. Jesse Lawson used to be part of the band, too, but in October of 2013, he parted ways with the others to pursue a life with his family and venture out in his musical career. Jack Fowler is the lead guitarist, and Justin Hills is the bass guitarist. Gabe Barham is the band's drummer. Kellin Quinn is the vocalist of the group.

1.) With Ears To See And Eyes To Hear: This album was released on March 22, 2010 by Rise Records. There are ten songs on the album, and it was the band's first official album released with Kellin Quinn.

2.) Let's Cheers to This: This album was released on May 9, 2011 by Rise Records. There are eleven songs on the album, with its most popular song being "If You Can't Hang."

3.) If You Were A Movie, This Would Be Your Soundtrack: This EP was released on June 25, 2012. There are five songs featured on this EP, and "Roger Rabbit" is the most popular one.

4.) Feel: This album was released on May 31, 2013. There are twelve songs on the album. Although it has gotten several good reviews, there have been some critics that this album has separated the band from what they once were.

'Sleeping with Sirens' has begun their 2013-2014 'Feel This' Tour, which started in the United States with Las Vegas, Nevada.

'Sleeping with Sirens' is an amazing band, and they have influenced thousands of people from around the world.
by fuck the fame.Λ£ November 07, 2013
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An American post-hardcore band originating from Orlando, Florida. The band consists of five members, the bassist: Justin Hills, the drummer: Gabe Barham, the rhythm guitarist: Jesse Lawson, the lead guitarist: Jack Fowler, and the vocalist, insanely talented Kellin Quinn. This band, thanks to their latest album Feel, are rising fast in the music industry and hopefully one day claim global dominace.
"You heard that band, Sleeping With Sirens?"
"There are other people in the band too, you know..?"
by RyanZ July 10, 2013
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A very good band that makes screamo/post-hardcore music and/or that band with the singer that sounds like a chick...

for all of you who heard of this band that is a man singing.
Oh,sleeping with sirens,thats a man...
by WRIST CRAKKER June 17, 2011
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Another "post hardcore" band with mediocre talents, the only reason they are around right now is because this genre is in style, especially among teenage girls who have no idea what good music and lyricism really is, half the reason they even like this crap is because they find the singer attractive. I tried listening to a couple songs by these guys and i just couldn't do it, the boring vocals, the sub par lyrics and the stereotypical look of the band members just made it unbearable. There are good bands in this genre, but this group is not one of them.

There are so many bands out there like this, it gets old. Also the singer sounds like a fucking chick.
What does Nsync, Justin Bieber, and Sleeping with Sirens have in common?

They are all marketed towards teenage girls.
by TrueGrave May 16, 2013
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