a disgustingly vile way to piss off or gross out someone you really don't care for. after performing the turd dry dock unroll the toilet paper without tearing it off, wipe your ass, and then roll it back up. it leaves the white and brown swirled appearance of the delicious swiss cake roll!
mike- hey ken, did you leave the work party early?
ken- had too...that guy everyone hates was being a douche bag, AGAIN! so, i wanted to get in his brand new head before the urine creep got severe and leave a turd dry dock with a swiss cake roll for dessert.
mike-man, you are DARK! but, i love it!
ken-see ya in the lab.
by dark korner September 25, 2016
pour chocolate syrup on your girlfriends tits, titty fuck her. Before you climax, make her suck the chocolate syrup off of your dick and cum in her mouth, aka the cream filling.
You've never had a swiss cake roll until your bf turns into the hostess factory!
by AL93 October 19, 2007
Covering of your penis in fecal matter and having same or opposite sex suck you off.
James asked jenny to try his swiss cake roll.
by Dan Lisk January 4, 2006
When a male defecates then ejaculates whilst the cylindrical fecal matter is descending into the toilet and the semen enters the fecal matter with such force it serves as a filling.
Randy needs a towel he just made a Kentucky Swiss Cake Roll.
by Ticklish Geoff June 28, 2021