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A bong bowl mixed with weed and tobacco.
You want some of this?
Nah, I only do swisher bowls.
by PWcrash November 17, 2018
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The way someone licks their blunt to seal it. Can be seen as sexual in nature, if eye contact is made during the act.
His Swisher lick got me wildin' out.
by Tee Hyphy October 9, 2020
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I used to chew smokeless tobacco, now I smoke Swisher Sweets.
I still spit like a pro.
by alberon February 27, 2020
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One of the nicest guys you can meet, although very insecure and intimidated by a lot of people. Scared to be bullied or made fun of. Can pull a lot of girls and will. Isn’t afraid to shoot his shot and keep a girl attached. Often known as a player and likes to use girls for when he is bored. A contestant heartbreaker. He thinks of himself as not a player when everyone knows he is. Very confusing person and not the brightest tool in the shed but a good person to hang out with and have in your life.
Guy: “hey look its coltyn swisher”
Girl: “ohh hey it is, lets see if i get heart broken again”

Guy: “at least hang out with us he’s a good friend
by Fuck you bitchesss September 11, 2021
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Someone who swishes their tongue deep in cunt.
Dude, you're totally a cunt swisher.
I heard you with Alyssa last night, bro.
by Tylssa November 30, 2016
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