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the most retarded command ever. im sure most of you have already watched dora the exlorer so you know who the fox is. dora simply asks swiper nicely to stop whatever he is doing. which is total BS cuz that is swipers job!! like dora, i dont tell you to stop walking around on your giant acid trip!! like wtf?? *sigh* anyway,
kids, do not think this works in everyday life. if you ask a bad doer to stop what they are doing, chances are, it isnt going to work.
situation where "swiper no swiping" would not work

pedofile: come here little girl. im gonna give you what you need.

helpless girl: oh crap what do i do? oh thats right! dora taught me. raper no raping!!!

pedo: wtf? oh well. *procceds to rape*
by gahhhhhwtf August 20, 2010
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