a mixture of all the fruit juices found behind a bar of a drinking establishment. may be mixed with any type of alcohol.
bartender: what'll you have?

customer: I'll have a swampwater. I'm the designated driver!
by Paul J Parkinson March 25, 2005
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n. A slang term most commonly used by American football players to describe the combination of lemon-lime flavored Gatorade with grape flavored Gatorade, forming a savory yet unsettling dark green mixture. Often a favorite beverage amongst tight ends. Most effective during early September.
Jimmy Paschal, a tall and fast tight end, enjoyed a savory cup of swamp water as the early September sun beckoned down on his scalp.
by Vernon R. August 13, 2014
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The water provided to clean one's window at a gas station.
I couldn't see out of my windshield, so I scrubbed it with swamp water - unfortunately it didn't make it much better.
by FelixTheCat May 7, 2007
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n: liquid that violently evacuates the rectum while one suffers from diarrhea.
i filled the toiletbowl with swamp water after gnoshing a savagely hot curry from two fat indians.
by misterwhite July 14, 2006
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This is a slang term for the beverage, "Ale-8." Bottled in Winchester KY, the name refers to the suspicious-looking color and consistency of the soda.
I'm thirsty, will you get me some Winchester Swamp Water?
by Cantjump February 9, 2011
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Same as the Louisiana Crab cake but she also urinates with the feces.
It was bad enough she gave me a Louisiana Crab cake, but she followed it up with some swamp water.
by bigwheat February 9, 2004
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