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A condition endured by fat people who do not clean properly between their thighs and their pelvic area. The condition is exacerbated by hygienic neglect, heavy walking, and sloppy masturbating. Swamp crotch produces one of the worst smells known to mankind - maybe even the worst. Worse than burnt popcorn, Mexican food-induced flatulence, and a recently run-over skunk combined.
Shawn should wash between his legs in the shower more often. He's got a hellacious case of swamp crotch.
by roundthewheel October 30, 2006
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When a girs private parts (crotch) smell like a swamp!
"Is it normal that my vagina smells like a swamp?"
by Lauren March 29, 2005
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Stinky, saturated, hand cream, wax coated feeling in area beneath the testicles after 4 days without proper cleansing.

State of crotch when chanting "A marine can stand Anything!!" no longer is a viable way to fight a cold water shower.
I am impressed with his tolerance to swamp crotch.

Dude you stink, you got some swamp crotch goin' on in there?

by cachinga May 21, 2003
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When you sweat and the gooch area is as wet as a swamp.
Yo nigga I got the swamp crotch. Imma go take a shower!
by seabass72 January 29, 2010
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The moistness that builds between your legs during long periods of sitting in a overly warm environment.
The drive to Vegas with no air conditioning was so long that I arrived with a bad case of swamp crotch.
by patri100ia August 07, 2016
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Slimy sweat on the testicles. Usually formed by jogging or working in a hot kitchen for over nine hours.
I ran for thirty minutes in the jungle and not to any surprise I got swampcrotch.
by pungkram April 22, 2010
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