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A firearm, usually some kind of a pistol.
Also known as a swam jam
Let a fool act up, I got the swammie on me right now.
by P. Dot September 06, 2006
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A swammie is a gun

Synonyms: stick,wap, llama, biscuit, mash, firearm, fire, chopper, dumpy, spinner, dotty, strap, pocket rocket, hand cannon
Let's just run through with big boy swammies
by Wgfyb🌊 April 18, 2018
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Any person of middle eastern decent that looks indian also includes all indian guyanese and trinidadian people.
Almost every deli is owned by a swammie.
There are so many swammies on Liberty Ave.
by GTkillah4lyfe November 05, 2010
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