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hypocrite who begs forgiveness for fornicating with prostitutes - so that the congregation will keep sending large tithes; Jimmy Swaggart
Dude, all those preachers are swaggarts.
by T'boy April 17, 2008
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Code word among many guys for Porn, sex, or annything perverted. This was Started when a 14-year-old hid all of his Porn in a Jimmy Swaggart Video Case. His friends would then tell him to go get the swaggarts.
Hey Bill, stop watching swaggarts and get over here.

Yeah Mark went all the way to Vegas with this girl just to get Swaggarts.
by Willma Fingerdoo November 28, 2010
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Term commonly and excessively used by John B. referring to any person/object within yelling distance. Meaning useless piece of fuck, little shit head, assface, etc.
"Fuckin' cocksucking piece of shit toilet. What a swaggart!" -John B.
by Lars November 13, 2004
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noun - A person who defines themself through mainstream materialist trends and culture, especially the "auto-tune R&B club scene" and constantly uses the word 'swag' to describe themselves or others. Similar to hipster
"This guy walked in with ray bans, a deep V-neck, expensive spandex jeans and unlaced basketball shoes and yelled, 'We out here!' What a swaggart!"
by ThankYe January 02, 2012
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