Short for the French phrase, "s'il vous plait," meaning "If you please." In France, "svp" is a very commonly used shorthand, used online, in letters, etc.
Donnez-moi le pamplemouse, svp!

Give me a grapefruit, svp!
by Christina S June 02, 2006
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S'il Vous Plait

If you please.

Used for sounding elegant.
I'd greatly adore some of your chocolate, SVP.
by kKifairy April 02, 2006
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Scott Van Pelt - The King of Late Night Sportscasters at ESPN; nominated for 2 Sports Emmys as “Outstanding Sports Personality” in Studio Host category in 2011 and 2016; “SportsCenter with Scott Van Pelt” nominated by 2018 Producers Guild of America for “Outstanding Sports Program”
Where in the World Isn’t SVP? — A trademark of Scott Van Pelt where fans tweet where & when they see lookalikes of Scott Van Pelt at places around the world
by wnyhusker March 16, 2018
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Sugar Vanilla Pump.

A popular coffee order in the PNW.
I'll take a SVP, if it pleases you.
by Sebastian Owl December 12, 2016
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Under California law, Welfare and Institutions Code section 6600, a SVP is a “Sexually violent predator” which means the person has been convicted of a sexually violent offense against one or more victims and has a diagnosed mental disorder that makes the person a danger to the health and safety of others, and is likely to continue to engage in sexually violent criminal behavior beyond his/her/they release from incarceration or the state hospital.
Fred: "Hey Dick, wanna watch some SVP?"
Dick: "Dude, you sick bastard... what the Fuck? Wait, are you talking about Scott Van Pelt on ESPN or a Sexually Violent Predator?"
by sdb17sd September 17, 2020
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