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This woman is an extremist. Control freak. Clean freak. Makes mountains out of mole hills. rarely answers your calls.. Would do anything for her children. Refuses to cut the cord. Tends to cuss ALOT. Loves coffee and cigarettes. Complains of her mother's actions, yet is blinded by her own actions that sometimesss..reflect her mother's.. her laughs can cause seizures to one's ears..yet is hilarious sometimes.. judgemental and refuses to be judged. Means well. Loves hard. Allregic to things yet loves those things.. No man can handle her needs because she won't settle for anything less than expected. Amazing. Beautiful singer.. always finds a way. DONT mess with her things, friends, or family... dont knock on her door and stand there.. she aint coming to the door and Hiding behind the Blinds for a reason.. sometimes always misunderstood... strong.. independent..Fierce.. will not leave the house if not made up and showered.. Anyone who has a Susane in their life cant let her go because you love her and she loves you no matter what.
by Susigurl1 August 16, 2017
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