A Tiktok content creator with a dead account, who mainly posts; shitposts, fnf or fortnite.
Yo look its Sus._.Mello.on.TikTok!” Alrr
by Sus._.Mello April 16, 2022
super smashed, drunk beyond all healthy limits
Did you see Chenier on the golf course yesterday? SU-MASHED!
by Righto26 July 27, 2010
Shoutout to Tyler fans other friends for reading this lol

Sus Cow is a cow.. that is sus
and I like cows, and I’m sus. I define myself as a cow so I am a sus cow..

Sus cow is pro but sus so how is it pro?

Sus cows are too pro they act sus
Christina: I’m a sus cow
Daniella: yes pro 😩😩😩
Random person: stfu
Christina: no mtf
by chicklychi July 28, 2021
Su Tart is a child who lives with his loving father who calls him sun, but gets bullied everyday at school, BUT he has his favorite snack to make him feel better - Bacon Flakes, these scrumpcious flakes of bacons are Su Tart's favorite snack, it has a very salty but also savory taste and causes diarrhea. Su Tart became famous because of Flamingo Albert's videos (subscribe to him), he has many Roblox sad story videos that will make you pee, fart, and cry at the same time, although it may sound very sad, Albert makes it a bit funny so we dont pee, fart, and cry that much.
Su Tart Is Chill.
by Suscrib2FalingoYT May 13, 2022
A krew who is all about murder and drugs

And gangbanging for the southside
Sus krew is a well known krew any were in the United States
by Susaf krew October 13, 2017
When someone is interested in you but you can’t tell if it’s legit or not
He definitely has some sus interest for me
by Happytomi March 12, 2019