The interlocked fingers behind the head on the losing side of a college football game. The most perfect example is the Michigan fan from 2 years ago when Michigan State returned a blocked kick for a touchdown to win the game.
Poor kid watched his team lose and assumed the surrendering cobra position.
by Orangekronik October 14, 2017
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A pose frequently displayed by sports fans after their team has made a disasterous play, or the other team has made an extraordinary play. The Surrender Cobra is sported by placing one's hands on his or her head with elbows splayed to the sides.
When an Auburn player returned Alabama's missed field goal for a game-winning touchdown, Alabama fans around the world displayed the Surrender Cobra
by Bourbon & Apple Cider Vinegar December 2, 2015
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A hands-behind-head, elbows-flared pose by a fan witnessing a play likely leading to a loss by their team.
credit to gray hardison...The ball hasn't even left Curry's hand yet and I count 6.5 surrender cobras.
by rolly-pop February 28, 2016
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