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Slang for a powerful street drug. It is a razor sharp crystalline chemical that you tuck under your eyelid. When it cuts your eyeball open it slips into your blood stream and directly into your brain. The high is terryfing. It takes all your greatest fears and insecurities and gives them teeth and arms, and then it locks you in a room with them from which you cannot escape. There is also a surprise at the end of the high.
You realize the face of god is somewhere inside your body, but you can't find it.. and it hates you.

Just when you can't take anymore.. you poop your mouth.

Long island brain slice is also known as god drug, cuddy cuddy, elmo, cat vaj, and funt.
by Bourbon & Apple Cider Vinegar October 30, 2014
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A pose frequently displayed by sports fans after their team has made a disasterous play, or the other team has made an extraordinary play. The Surrender Cobra is sported by placing one's hands on his or her head with elbows splayed to the sides.
When an Auburn player returned Alabama's missed field goal for a game-winning touchdown, Alabama fans around the world displayed the Surrender Cobra
by Bourbon & Apple Cider Vinegar December 2, 2015
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