An word unbelievably, unimaginably good person, place, event or thing etc.
When I went to Europe for vacation, I had a surreally good time. There were so many ladies throwing themselves at me and well, you get the rest.
by Ryan Saav July 12, 2006
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Surreal: Surreal defines something that is on the brink of being unexplainable. Something Surreal, or Surrealism, is what makes things in life different. It makes things stand out. It makes you think, “Is that possible?” Something surreal cannot be, or can almost not be, described.
Dude… Your painting looks so surreal. Its like fake but real…
by Agent - 4173 - KETER July 8, 2022
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Having a dreamlike quality.
"Giraffes and wildebeest were recently sighted attempting to gain entry to a prototype cylindrical toaster left to dry on the roof of Prof. Marleson's New York apartment."
by blii February 20, 2003
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1. Happenings that when intersected into one's own sphere of reality, strike oneself as surreal or fantastic.
2. A group's consensus reality as it appears to a non-involved individual or group, especially if profound differences exist between the two parties.
1. Meg's conversation with the Amway representative gave her a view into the surreality of vertical marketing schemes.
2. Upon their first visit to the countryside, many urban-dwelling folk are amazed at the archaic surreality still embodied in rural America.
by xaocoh September 25, 2006
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"Momma, why can't I eat Kraft Mac N' Cheese for breakfast?"
"Shut your mouf, D'Quayshius and eat yo surreal."
by DonQuiffi July 8, 2009
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Popular usage has transformed the word "surreal" into litle more than a synonym for "weird", and so rendered it useless. I'll use "surrealistic" if a film (or any work of art) exhibits mannered mimicking of superficial aspects of the visual style of the original Surrealists between the wars (commonly, cribs from Dali, Magritte, Chirico, Bunuel or Cocteau). In all other cases I prefer more specific terms, like "dreamlike", "Nightmarish" or "Bunuelesque". I'd reserve "surrealist" for the output of members of recognized Surrealist groups.
Everything is so surreal.
by elag March 6, 2004
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To imagine what is possible.
The act of imagination.
To create something as if out of nothing.
(In Active Form- "surrealizing")- fabricating something into reality, especially if done with little or no financial outlay, and/or resources.
Doug the artist often likes to surrealize what his sculpture will look like prior to beginning work on it.
(Active Form)- I am surrealizing my tired old apartment into a hip, happening pad.

by xaocoh September 25, 2006
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