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If someone denies you anal all you have to do is take it from them. It's not rape if you say surprise!

They will enjoy the pleasure so much they will show you their tears of joy

If they cry, use the tears as lubrication or as a punishment use no lube at all.
Surprise Buttsecks:

Guy: Baby, can I stick it in your pooper?
Girl: No because it will hurt.
Guy: I'll be gentle, I'll go slow.
Girl: I said no, I told you to stop asking.
Guy: Oh well......SURPRISE!!
Girl: OMG! , STOP!, NO!
Guy: When you say no, all I hear is, "No don't stop"
Girl: This is rape!
Guy: I said surprise and it's not rape if you say surprise.
by Siimp January 23, 2010

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Guy that let his ex boyfriend fuck in him the ass but denies it.
Girl: how many sex partners have you had?
Someone in you or you in them?

Guy:I've banged 3 dudes. I didn't get banged, I banged.

Girl: you let your boyfriend bang you and you liked it. Fickert.
by Siimp January 21, 2010

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