A substitute (sub)/replacement teacher for a teacher/professor that is absent or otherwise occupied that day/period of class. Generally Americans use the term "sub" or "substitute" instead of "supply". Sometimes the term "supply teacher" can confuse people and make them think its a teacher who gives out school supplies at school, instead of what they are which is an 'extra' teacher available when the original teacher is out.
"Boy, that supply teacher was fit. I hope the next time our teacher is out, he fills in for her."
by VintageValley August 11, 2012
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A Teacher that is called in because your normal teacher is either sick or cannot physically put up with your class today. A Supply Teacher is a person who you can get away with things around, like:
-Sitting with your friends in class and not in your designated seat
-Not doing work

However there are some Supply Teachers that come prepared, printing out your seating plan and making worksheets. Beware these Supply Teachers, there is no way to double cross them.
Not doing work
Supply Teacher
by fpurplecat March 16, 2018
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A fat supply teacher of french extraction who was born on ivans chair(also coles special friend)
Your inlove with ivan!!! "oh ya, your inlove with... the fat french supply teacher! owned!"
by per mari January 30, 2005
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The supply teacher that will openly talk to you about the consumption of drugs.
Jacob: Mr. Fallen, what a supply(er) teacher he was, I hope Mrs. M is sick again tomorrow!
by QueenOfRain April 1, 2018
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