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the deprecing stage of a kicker, usually after a game where he is un-needed and unknown or after being teased/ picked on or something shitty happens between friends/family, next stage for this person is all the all well to known "coaches bitch"- where this so called "kicker" becomes the main target for his coach to screem for no apperent reason. and then in which the coach will go for two.
superkicker "you suck!"
"wide right!"

(kicker)- hey coach can we kick the fg?/ were up/ down by 21.
(coach) shut-up

coach what should i practice today? onside?deep? squib??
(coach)- WATER!!!! hey you in the helmet...who are you?
nvm coahc
(coach)- who is that kid?
by jigaboo igloo October 25, 2009
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