7 definitions by Eva4789

a chick that has really (naturaly)curly hair
Eva is such a curly gurlie
by Eva4789 January 5, 2006
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people who are in band.and are really wild.like on american pie:band camp
"bandeez gone wild is a flim stiffler's lil bro makes at band camp"
by Eva4789 January 7, 2006
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one that obseses with one that plays french horn
"frenchy,stop staring at john,the french horn plaer"
by Eva4789 December 12, 2005
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a large person that wears clothes to tight and their fat hangs over and looks like a muffin top
"Amira,I dont want to see your muffin"
by Eva4789 December 6, 2005
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food that is disgusting.mainly served at school for lunch.
I wonder if the lunchladies enjoy serving ass food for lunch?
by Eva4789 January 25, 2006
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my ma bought super chill last night...the flavor was Dr.chill
by Eva4789 January 13, 2006
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