a hard ass from the streets kinda like superman on movies but the G from the streets neva scared always got money and handles beef like it aint shit also a known rapper putting out cd that kik ass
supaman an original gangsta from da street
by supaman November 16, 2006
to jerk off on a girl's back while she is sleeping, on her stomach. and then suddenly wake her and have her roll over. once she stands up the blanket will be stuck to her back resembling the cape of superman.
i supaman that hoe last night she didn't realize until i left.
by brian a November 13, 2007
an after sex prank, where the guy allows the girl to fall asleep (usually on her stomach), he then ejaculates on her back and covers her with a sheet, allowing it to attach to her back like a cape.
Ayo, after I nut, imma supaman that hoe like YUUUUUUUA!!!
by Nahmeen November 24, 2007
to leave da bitch real quick cuz you dont want her no mo'
supaman that hoe cuz shes to clngy
by bella666 August 31, 2007
When you cum on a girls back and while she's sleeping let the sheet stick to her so when she wakes up she has a cape.
That bitch fell a sleep so i supaman dat ho!
by Crackalackin! December 1, 2007