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sunday drunk
the art of getting drunk from the minute you wake on a sunday but making sure youre fine for work on monday
stevie "hey davie,wanna go to the pub and get sunday drunk like stella and sykes do every week"

davie "fuck that im nightshift tomorrow,im going for gold"
by Whitecarlos February 17, 2008
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Sunday Drunk is a lower level of drunk that allows you to forget about tomorrow whilst respecting that it will still come in due time.
Bre, “You sound different tonight are you ok?”

Greg, “why do you say that?”
Bre, “well your eyes look fine but your speech is slurred.”
Greg, “Oh; that’s because I’m Sunday Drunk.”
Bre, “What’s that?”
Greg, “It’s going to be a long week; Matthew in logistics is going to screw up and Clare in payroll punches in late and just clicks approve all at 9am, and our new temp Kendra thinks because she’s a piece of ass she doesn’t need to lift a finger. This is how I forget about what I’m about to walk into to on Monday!”
by Reyer June 03, 2018
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