A chick who will do anything you want, whether it be pleasuring you, sending you naked pics, or buying you a dinner when you make more money than her.
Chirp: That chick sent me a picture of her getting off before I ever met her and ordered me food after she got done servicing me.

Me: That chick is Downright.
by CougBlog May 6, 2010
Its combining one of League of legends best plays (Dyrus) and Darius, a LoL champion, and put it together. "thats down right Dyrius"... or in other words "that's insane, and just stupid".

We have 3 tests in one day? That is just Downright Darius
by Guess Born December 17, 2012
downright upright is how a standing naked dude's boner looks - flat against his abs and pointing to the ceiling.
Every time I sniff Matt's cummy jockstraps, I get downright upright!
by USAF Cadet March 7, 2021
when a shoelace is broken off a new pair of shoes, this expression is used =)
this is downright ridiculous!!!!
by bojim June 12, 2005
The division 5 ice hockey team can’t skate, can’t stop and can’t pass.

by Dandrew January 13, 2022