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Throwing yourself into a situation that will result in death by the police.
Police tell you to get down and put your hands on your head. You pull out a black cap gun and take aim while running towards them.
by Matt March 07, 2004
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Passive method of suicide by those without the guts to kill themselves. Involves entering or drawing a police response, then provoking a lethal draw of fire by either threatening with a real or fake weapon, or aggressive maneuvering towards the police officers. Life insurance policies may cover suicide-by-cop, whereas they wouldn't cover normal suicide.
Did you hear about Joe? He went out by suicide by cop.
by sonicbloom September 20, 2008
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Severely pissing off a police officer, who is already in a pissed off mood! Resulting in the cop killing that person's ass!
Cop; Rodney King, step out of the car, and put your hands on the roof!

Rodney; HELL NO!!!!!!!!!

Cop; DO IT NOW!!!!!!

Rodney; F--- YOU! Reaches for his gun in the passenger seat, and aims it at the Cop.

Cop; Kills Rodney with his own gun. After beating him with his Johnny-stick.

Rodney King unknowingly committed suicide by cop. When he pissed off that cop.

Also known to him by suicide by LAPD.
by Saints May 10, 2006
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