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Girl, give me a little taste of that sweet sugarhole!

Jessica's sugarhole smells like chum.
by Tommycartersville March 21, 2007
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A prison in which most of the inmates are on death row. They know they ain't 'bout to never see no pussy no mo' so they accept the fact that the pretty Puerto-Rican dudes asshole is the closest they gon' get to it...
Okay, basically it's a prison in which almost everyone fucks each other (usually found in top-security facilities).
BONKANIQUA: I told LaTyron to stop hustlin 'dat crack.
BONKANIQUA HOOCHIE-ASS COUSIN: Yeah, he already 'dun been in and out of county four times. They told him if he was caught again he'd get life. Now the po' nigga' been thrown in the damn sugar hole...
by Shani D. November 27, 2006
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Walton St backyard between the months of November and April. A gathering place for people who love mediocre outdoor activities and vodka sodas.
Meet me at the sugarhole after class for some xc ski laps and a cold LBL.
by Dan_the_Shredder October 13, 2016
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