7 definitions by Gypsypws

A manipulative whiny man on social media crying victim while terrorizing victims behind the scenes. A Typical Narcissist who gaslights on social media as its winged monkeys fall for its games.
Damn look at that batnarc whining again to get attention and fuel
by Gypsypws December 16, 2019
someone who loves to drain someone with their drama.
That dude is such a suck-hole because whenever he texts me it is always about his problems
by Gypsypws September 18, 2019
Bro that guy went full Kwasi beast seeing ufos

Bro that 9/11 hoax that kwasibeast was taking about was a buzzkill
by Gypsypws September 28, 2020
A greedy old narcissistic Sociopath who hates to see people advance at work

A lazy old catfish who lays around all day stalking other women with zero talent
Did you see Pigabella trying to trick that man into thinking she is classy ?

Wow that Pigabella is drunk and trying to scam that kid
by Gypsypws December 1, 2020
A bloated catfish that is stuck at the bottom of the pond.

A serial dater who has catfish profiles on every dating site
Did you see when James caught that fat crazylynfish when he went fishing ?

This dating site is full of crazylynfish I am deleting my profile
by Gypsypws January 4, 2021
A strange Mexican that hates all Mexicans

Who is an incel

A shady dude hating on the rich
Bro that mexipig is on that skateboard ripping off kids

There goes that mexipig dealer selling drugs to kids
by Gypsypws December 30, 2021
An ugly old pig who hates men

A jealous hag
Ugh that godiva narc if I have to hear her whining about her sugar daddy one more time I am going to puke
by Gypsypws October 27, 2020