'suck a man' is an insult given to a male.
'whatever, go suck a man fagot'


one can also use it in multiples

'go suck 38 men you homo'
by the j to the meff January 25, 2010
Another and more confusing way of saying "suck my dick"
Yooo "suck my mans"
by Whydoihav2 June 14, 2018

Made up in older times by a stocky, grey-haired lumberjack named Ol' Danny Boy.
Now modernly used as a violent term when extremely mad, usually shouted with extreme prejudice at someone for a minor inconvenience or insult the shouter would have taken offense to.

(you arrive at the theater and are dumbfounded and furious to see that the movie you wanted to enjoy is sold out)

customer-What the hell! I drove five miles to see this movie and its sold out just great!

employee- Sorry sir better luck next time.

customer-You know what, Go Suck a Man's Dick!
by Quiteabod November 13, 2013