Noun: Item of clothing or apparel used to make you look or feel more successful
Daniella used her fake glasses to successorize when going to work on Friday. Instantly her coworkers thought she looked smarter.
by CaseyLillet March 19, 2010
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I liked the word. It's above definition is apt, although it is a verb while the author described it as a noun. The example uses it as an infinitive verb.
Bitch! You're not successorizing! Your sunglasses are the motherfucking successorize! You should hit this joint like the stoner you are after wearing your successorize to a job interview.
by nottobeanazibutthisbugsme July 20, 2012
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a guy who is biggest cod player, degenerated. has a yt that discord mods meet up at

hi im successor xd
aaaa no not the discord mods have mercy
by ZeAdildo September 16, 2023
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Anyone who has been succeeding in any kind of event, job or position after another person, basically someone who gets the coochie and the booty all at once after you retired or just stoped competing.
"Damn Hans is really the ultimate successor himself, did you hear what he did last night?"
"No what happened?"
"He beat our class Teacher and became number 1 in the skill ranking!"
"Oh god, I knew he would be the successor of our Mentor!"
by iltayy November 3, 2018
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