funky fresh, incredibly cool, ulltimate for somehtign great
Thats stupid fresh yo!
by ryan ellis August 24, 2004
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Extremely cool; awesome. Coined by Alex Williams, AKA Captain SNES. (captainsnes.keenspace.com)
by GG Crono 4 November 09, 2003
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An article of clothing or action so ridiculous that it becomes cool, or something unique.
Yo, those kicks got so many colors on 'em they're stupid fresh.

Did you see what he just did!? Yeah, that was stupid fresh.
by Dbovee December 28, 2008
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1.A term that usually pertains to a person who's clothing/outfit is: ridiculously fresh, in-style, cool and or impressive. In rare cases it may also apply to brand new places or things such as a new car, specific accessory, etc.

2. Used to describe something so new and fresh that when a person sees it, they feel stupid for not having it.
Darrell: Yo mayne did you see Calvin's Kicks??!?! Them shits be STUPID FRESH!!!

Tyler: Yea mayne I saw him with them yesterday...mayne...I feel stupid for not coppin' a pair of those myself
by Crookaz June 23, 2009
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1.)wearing gear or clothing that doesn't match!
and other people think the stuff your wearing is stupid...
1.)thats a stupid fresh style
2.)yo the designs on your shirt are stupid fresh
by LET.ME.BE September 01, 2008
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