Word indeed often used in tv-series "The Sopranos". It derives from Italian 'questo cazzo', which literally means 'this dick'. With a neapolitan dialect it is pronounced ''stu cazz'', or stugats. Neapolitans use it when someone is trying to tell or sell them something worthless (it can also be an indication for fake: a stugats watch). The American use has more facets, for example it can be used as a swearword towards a person.
"You think I will be paying the dinner? Stugats!"
"He just keeps telling me stugats"
by JesseOLIT January 6, 2007
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An Italian-American corruption of the Italian words Stunatta and Cazzo. It literally means "Stupid Dick"
Do you believe Paulie forgot to weigh down the body? Whata fuckin' stugats!
by frankiecarbone March 10, 2005
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An Italian american word combining two simple words "Stupid (stu)" and "Balls (gats)". Often heard on the hit TV show " The Sopranos". Tony uses it alot in his dialect.
1. Richie: You and that fucking association with that cocksucker Baron wont let my cock fucking expand.
Tony: You fucking stugats, i dont care if your dealing for walmart.
2. Marc : Eh, you gonna go to the club or no?
Mike & Andrew: You fucking stugàts.
by sn_akeyes December 12, 2005
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stugats:american-italian slang from the italian words "stu casse" !in italy they use it when someone is talking bullshit or when they try to sell you out!it means literally:get lost or get outa here
hey sonny,do you wanna buy some slfmade diamonds??sonny:stugats
by bronnie dasco April 25, 2006
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Italian-American phrase used primarily by people in northern New Jersey with connections. Is also used by people in New York. It means nothing, crap, sh*t.
"What the f*ck do you know?!? You don't know stugats!"

"I got stugats for my birthday...I didn't even get a freaking card."

"You're so f*cking stupid, you got stugats for brains."
by BONE May 3, 2003
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