<TheLoneRanger> STUF
<Guy> You mean stfu?
<TheLoneRanger> NO, I MEAN STUF. NOW STUF.
by TheLoneRanger! February 23, 2003
When a girl is insecure about her breast size so she "stuffes" (hince - Mitra)
Mitra stuffes. Yep, she sure does.
by SRL September 26, 2004
The sugary white substance in the middle of an Oreo cookie.
In a pinch, the stuf from two regular Oreos can be combined to produce a pretty good facsimile of a Double Stuf Oreo.
by hashashin September 27, 2004
1. Used to describe a girl’s thickness
2. Used to describe a woman’s mature beauty

Originated from North Jersey, coined by F.C.
1. You saw the butt on that girl, man, she is stuffed!
2. -I liked her latest Instagram, she was lookin’ stuffed!
-Nah girl, she’s cute, but you know who’s stuffed? Marion Cotillard. Now THAT’S a stuffed face.
by FCDC November 29, 2017
to stuff your bra with something to make your breasts look bigger
"Her breasts looked so big, she must have stuffed"
by Mamimi July 23, 2004