A gang that only uses plushies as there character
by Sofa couch May 30, 2019
The fluffy stuffy is when you hunt down a furry and become their friend. Once you have gained their trust, then you must seek their friend ship. Once they are comfortable around you, you must make plans to go to their house and have a sleep over.

Then, late at night, you take their furry fluffy skin costume and you nut in it. Once finished, rip open every single toy they have and pee in them. Therefore you have distoryed their furry pack. If the furry friend wakes up you must assert dominance. Because now you have awaked the animal in them. You must poop in their mouth so they cant speak. Before giving them the sex of their life time. Once done...

You are the alpha male.

Make sure to fuck their pet as well, no bystanders.
Your best friend:

You know my cusion is a furry right?
You: Yeah, i gave them the fluffy stuffy last night.
by Sandytoiletpaper November 20, 2019
A stuffy fucker is a guy who has sex with his stuffed animals. Sometimes making holes to put their cocks in, stuffy fuckers often do this for sexual pleasure because it is a very simulating experience . Larger stuffed animals are perferable.
You know Octavian? He's definitely a stuffy fucker. All those stuffed animals he has? A sure sign of a stuffy fucker.
by BestiesBeforeTestes March 18, 2017
Stuffy: Noun (Plural: Stuffers)

We should enslave every and all stuffers. Stuffy Enslavement Union, rejoice!
by Drooper is poggers June 15, 2021
Adj. A word to describe ones groin after over exerting oneself. Leaving behind a stuffy, sweaty and smelly muff. Usually referring to the female gusset.

“My goodness, Doreen that bingo hall was sweltering..... it’s left me with a right stuffy muffy
by Greenlly February 13, 2021
1. a nickname for someone who stuffs lots of boeuf.
2. a manic, hypersexualized state that requires immediate attention.
1. You're a real Stuffy LaBouef!

2. I'm feeling like Stuffy LaBoeuf.
by handel1209 July 13, 2021