A pub-style strum where all six strings are stummed openly.
Real guitarist: Dude, check out my Dim 7th sweep!
Maori: Ow bro, thats got nuthn on meh Maaaaaori strum bro
Real guitarist: Maori strum?
Maori: (Says nothing. He just O.D'd.)
by JoeMama foo August 31, 2009
A common sex position. When you're hooking up with your girl but but need to keep quiet so you put your hand over her mouth as you strum her cords ;)
Paul: Did you and Stacey hook up last night?
John: Yeah, but her parents were home so we had to do the muted strum
by Muted Strum February 24, 2017
When you're hot from exercise so you pull on your shirt or clothing to fan yourself.
Ex.) She was so hot she had to thread strum to cool down.
It so hot in the gym that she was thread strumming to cool off a little.
by Maiah V. H. February 22, 2015
To play the furry banjo with hamster plectrum; to rub a pet rodent on a vagina
Hey, Rufus, why don't you get your little sister's hamster and you can strum-pet me?
by sheepfish13 February 25, 2012