Northern Ireland (North Antrim, Cullybackey) expression for the length of your piss. Timewise.
Boy, you've some strone at ye!
by Seamus O'Shatshee September 9, 2006
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A morphological blending of the words stress and tone. Another example of such blending in English is brunch, a combination of breakfast and lunch. Note: blending is not the same as compounding.
Saramacan employs a system of both stress and tone, also known as strone.
by Coniah Grimes February 14, 2005
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a common word used to inform your friends of how blunted you are. normally ( not always) used in conjunction with smoking chronic mary jane.
dude, these weed is so bomb, on a scale of 1 to 10, i'm fucking stroned.
by whitewidowmonster May 1, 2009
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Verb :Strōn
To perform mad hard, yet unimaginable delicate sexual intercourse, in perfect harmony with not only your partner's body, but also their soul
Ex: Ernesto: Hey, did you and Ash fuck yet?
Carmine: It wasn't even like , yeah we had sex, but the time it was like our souls were long lost friends that hadn't seen each other in 25 years, met unexpectedly at a coffee shop, and lost track of time catching up over a hot pumpkin spice bean water... We fucking STRONED
by Carmine November 17, 2016
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The effect of smoking marijuana or chopping wood. A person becomes "stroned" when they have smoked themselves nearly retarded. Way past high!
We all got stroned and masturbated together. I guess we were way too high. That was weird.
by Fester Festrian July 7, 2004
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The truly stoniest of thrones. One stands in awe of the stoniness of such a magnificent ass cradle.
"My gods Becky, look at this stunning strone. Have you ever seen such a splendidly stoney bum comforter?" ~ Anonymous Onlooker
by RoboticNixon August 8, 2016
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