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A folk/rock "jam band" that provides decent studio recordings and amazing improvisation on stage. SCI has a lot of influence from roots music, like bluegrass, folk, country, and acoustic blues. With an acoustic guitar, a mandolin, a bass guitar, a drummer/percussionist, and keyboards, The Cheese deliver an eclectic blend of instruments and musical styles, and from this produce amazing live shows called "Incidents."

Deep lyrics in the songs, big dreadlocks on the grass.
Well the rhythm of the road holds the questions to the answers on our minds.
by Goudabaker July 03, 2005
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slang term for pound of marijuana, or a very large amount of marijuana to be purchased, usually pronounced "jahns"
Grizzle: "Hey man, you still slingin'?"

Nizzle: "Hell yea man. But I'm still waitin' for john's, probably tonite I'll be good. But, it might be tomorrow. I'm not sure man."

Grizzle: (inside his head) ' Damn, It'll definetely be tomorrow.'

Grizzle: "Sweet man, hit me up when you get those johns!"
by Goudabaker July 08, 2005
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