Greek word for an extreamly attractive woman
*girl walks past*
sam: that girl has a mint box
anthony: what a mouna.
by king_tone September 17, 2008
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A woman who looks so hot and sexy, literally anyone would fall in love with them. all the heterosexuals turn into homosexuals and all the people in a relationship break up with their significant other so they can be with her.
"Hey that's Mouna, I'm so ugly compared to her <3"
by moms.spaghetit November 22, 2021
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She is the most caring and loving person you could possibly know. She is also mad sexy, looks like a goddess in bed. She is so good-looking, even straight girls will turn bi if they see her. Her eyes and smile are so beautiful, you’ll almost drown in her face. She is confident and is really the main character, Mouna could get anyone she want and she knows that, but she is very picky.
Mouna and her best friend are dangerous, if they’re bored, they’ll play you just because they can.
She is intelligent and likes to go to school, also because get attention from guys there.
Mouna can be very sensitive but only her 2 best friends will see that vulnerable side of her.
1: Who is that girl over-there ????
2: Duuuude that’s Mouna, she’s the baddest
1: I want her, bro
2: haha, you can’t get her, she is unreachable.
by Whatsoevergirl November 21, 2021
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The action of skipping class on the day an assignment is due or an assessment is given.
Person A: Laura skipped the test today
Person B: OMG she always pulls a Mouna.
by pizzacrusts November 5, 2013
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the best existing couple in the world, everyone dreams of a relationship like theirs, Taha the most caring and loving man who loves Mouna a woman who is obssesed with him, both live a happy life together and make everyone around jealous of their love.
A: "did Mouna and Taha break up yet?"
B: " No that is impossible, they always figure things out"
A: "wish I could have what they have"
by RAAAAAAANDOM July 16, 2022
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Means ‘wish’ or ‘unreachable desire’ in Arabic, and means ‘noble one’ in Irish. Mouna’s name defenition doesn’t lie; she is and unreachable wish to many of those in her life. Mouna has a low confidence, but little does she know every guy and girl obsesses over her. Mouna is a woman with a heart full of dreams, and a headfull of thoughts. Since her mind is constantly buzzing with multiple things, she has major anxiety, which she hides from almost everyone. Mouna tries to hide her true feelings by making jokes and laughing all her pain off; but she is quietly breaking inside. Most of the time Mouna is very hopeful and optimistic, but every once in a while she’ll go crazy.

Mouna is one of the most loyal and lovable people you will EVER meet, so you have to keep her close. Mouna is also incredibly attractive and beautiful, but remains humble about her looks; She seduces every man around her without even knowing it. Lastly, Mouna is a very creative soul with ideas that she wants to use to change up the world
I love mouna

“She’s a total mouna”
by we love a mouna November 21, 2021
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A unique girl. She is a cheerful, thoughtful and caring person. Loyal and faithful to her principles, she is a true woman of character who knows her value and what she wants in life.

She is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. Her soul is pure and her beauty is like the moonlight.

She is the right friend to have and the woman who deserves to have all the happiness in the world.
Mouna is a nice girl
by 2purpleslide November 21, 2021
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