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A CD or DVD that was written incorrectly, and is therefore useless. Same as coaster
I think my burner needs replacing, it's burning frisbees.
by GameboyRMH November 18, 2004
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A type of exhaust system that ricers install on their cars. The muffler creates a low rumble which is intended to imitate the sound of a powerful engine, but the sound more resembles a fart.
Look at that sorry excuse for a car with the fart tube!
by GameboyRMH November 27, 2004
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A person who overuses/abuses the rocket launcher in a videogame, often using it as their only weapon. Rocket whores hide out of sight, usually around corners or behind objects, and fire on other players as they pass, or ambush other players while firing volleys of rockets in their general direction. This strategy is used to compensate for a general lack of skills or poor aim.
That's the sixth time in a row you shot me with the rocket launcher! Rocket whore!
by GameboyRMH November 13, 2004
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Very, very big, as in big squared.
Etymology: A mix between huge and humongous.
The Hummer H2 is a hugemongous car
by GameboyRMH December 13, 2004
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1. A person who partakes in illegal street racing.

2. A car that has been modified for illegal street racing (not the same as a ricer).
1. Ryan is a street racer.

2. Check out that silver street racer!
by GameboyRMH December 12, 2004
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A skateboarding term for a category of bail which involves the skater sliding quickly across a surface on his buttocks. This usually results from a poor landing from a ramp, lip or rail, or due to the skateboard biting on an irregularity on the street surface.
Joe was leaning back too far when he came off that rail and ended up doing a huge ass grind.
by GameboyRMH December 12, 2004
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I need some new bearings for my shred sled.
by GameboyRMH November 13, 2004
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