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A idiot who spends more on his car than he does on anything else. Buys stupid exhausts that sound like he's letting one rip, buys spoilers and pretty lights to make it look more attractive to the scrap men. Buys body kits and engine upgrades to make it more attractive to the police. Often they dont have insurance and drive like idiots, and often try to race other motorists even though they get beaten by a Transit van or Austin Alegro

There stereo has more power output than there engine, and they often meet up at ASDA's car park to have a "cruize" around "da town" ... Avoid like the plague, they think they are the next Lewis Hamilton!

They also help increase the insurance for the young people who do actually drive sensibly
That guy over there is so thick, his stero provides more power than his damn engine! Stupid Boyracer, i hope the cops impound that heap of tin!
by TheChavHater July 17, 2010
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A tart that has legs the size of a stick
Stupid Stick Tart, why doesnt she get some clothes on!
by TheChavHater July 17, 2010
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A'right steve, i watched da fast n da furous las nite like an i so wanna be a street racer like dem guys are dat wud be wikid in me vauxhall nova
by TheChavHater July 17, 2010
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