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a color mostly refering to hair color, cross between an auburn and blond color equaling a light orange color
My hair isn't red! It's strawberry blond!
by Shandi April 11, 2006
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A person who has ginger hair uses the term "strawberry blond" to describe their hair because they're in-denial.
Ginger Boy: "My hair's strawberry blond not ginger"
Normal Boy: "Fuck off you ginger cunt"
by VoyedIfRemoved January 21, 2010
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Not a ginger. Strawberry Blonds do not consider themselves gingers, and will take that as an insult. Strawberry blonds are not weird and soulless like gingers, and can actually get a tan.
"Look at that ginger over there, I bet she is hella weird."

"Thats not a ginger, thats a strawberry blond, therefore she isn't a freaking weirdo"
by gtfomd January 09, 2019
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