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10 definitions by MaxStiffman69

Traditional fettuccine alfredo except made with a potent aged fromunda cheese. Slowly cook fettuccine pasta for about 20 minutes then add sauce made with heavy cream and 1 cup of freshly graded aged fromunda cheese. Incase you’re wondering fromunda cheese is cheese…from unda deez nuts.
Yeah the fettuccine balfredo was alright…but there wasn’t nearly enough fromunda cheese, I’ll go hit the elliptical and make some more.
by MaxStiffman69 February 16, 2022
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When you look at the person next to you in the urinal to see how much they’re packin

When a girl is going through your pics trying to figure out whether she likes you or not

When you’re taking a really long time to order at finagle a bagle

Could really mean just about anything
Person 1: *Looks to their left to the person in the urinal next to them*
Person 2: Hey man, can you stop finagling me, you’re making me really uncomfortable

Person 1: So do you like Jim??
Person 2: Yeah, let me just keep finagling through his pics a bit more to confirm

Person 1: *Takes 45 minutes to order at Finagle A Bagle*
Person 2: Hey, so about how much longer are you gonna keep finagling, I’ve been waiting a really long time…
by MaxStiffman69 July 2, 2022
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A planching is somewhere in between slow romantic cuddling with your significant other and violently raw-dogging the absolute shit out of a girl you met on tinder. An ambiguous term for sexual intimacy/intercourse.
I’m taking Jessica out to dinner, then going back to her place for a good olplanching.
by MaxStiffman69 February 3, 2022
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When you’re swimming in so much tail that you decide to make quesadillas.
Person 1: I just had sex with Beth, now time to make some pussy quesadillas.
Person 2: Oh cool, what are those?
Person 1: Same as regular quesadillas.
by MaxStiffman69 March 27, 2022
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Human adult babies are similar to regular adults except they are more immature, and underdeveloped. Adult babies may have the physical appearance of a regular adult, but internally they have the developmental maturity of a newborn or infant. There are currently 1.5 million human adult babies in the United States and that number is growing daily. Adult babies have been largely discriminated against in the US. One of the most offensive things you can say to an adult baby is “Grow Up!” or “Goo-Goo-Ga-Ga” One of the best organizations to support human adult babies is the Human Adult Babies Of American Foundation also known as HABOAF.
by MaxStiffman69 June 17, 2022
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The constant unyielding worry that your penis or shaft isn’t big enough or doesn’t meet societal expectations.

People suffering from lengthorexia might frequently examine their penile length on a daily basis or spend hundreds of dollars on so called “girth-increasing-creams” sold on the internet.
Max Stiffman is packing 11 inches and STILL has lengthorexiawtf bro, I’m 7 inches on a good day and I’m not complainin…
by MaxStiffman69 February 14, 2022
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Fresh out the slums of Lincoln, Massachusetts Max Stiffman is the biggest cooze-hound we know. Notorious for getting girls he meets on Snapchat to come to his house and have anal sex with him, Max Stiffman puts the P in poon-fiend. Known for wielding an exceptionally large phallus, Stiffman has measured in at 11 inches, and sources confirm - he is Green Bay packin. With a PHD in “Getting Yo Girl Wet” and Bachelor’s degree in “Making Yo Bitch Climax”, Max Stiffman has the brain and the brawn. Only thing he doesn’t have is a limit when it comes to pounding vag.
Max Stiffman is a total cooze-hound!
by MaxStiffman69 June 5, 2022
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