Standing on the tram, safe only by precariously holding on to the hand-rails coming down from the ceiling.
"The removal of two peak-hour trams will do nothing to ease the woes of those of us left straphanging on a nightly basis".
by Sammy J Sammy January 2, 2010
Noun. A paratrooper that is not listed on an approved jump manifest, and is trying to get a jump on stand-by.

Verb. The act trying to get on a jump without being on a jump manifest.
N. The straphanger made it onto the jump after two jumpers were scratched due to injuries.

V. Snuffy should straphang on that other unit's jump before he loses jump pay.
by A70man September 21, 2017
someone from new york or new jersey and uses the word 'summer' as a verb. derived from the legend that they hang from straps on the subways.
come june all the straphangers will be coming back to summer on the island.
by dave4817 November 23, 2004
n. Literally, a paratrooper whose weight does not pull the static line to deploy his parachute causing the soldier to flap along side the aircraft by said static line. Figuratively, someone who is a fuck up.
by foulmouth5-0 May 8, 2009
A state of the art dildo used for extreme sexual torture/pleasure. Similar to a drill-do
*In a sex dungeon
Dimly lit, a woman lays spread eagled and restrained, naked. Another woman stands besides her, beautiful, brunette and a blank expression on her face, she gently caresses her cheek
"You can stop this anytime, just tell want i need to know and I'll let you go."
The restrained woman shakes her head no, no form of torture could make her spill her secrets. The brunette stands up sharply
"Fine, I guess we'll have to this the hard way" she calls to her assistant in the dark corner
"Bring me the straphanger."
by Lovemuffin288588985 October 18, 2018