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Another word for a large gap between two individual teeth.

Based off the perfect example of Michael Strahan, an NFL player for the New York Giants.
That bitch is hot, but damn she got some strahan action going on.

Holy crap, look at that strahan

Bitches be runnin' wild but she need to be tamen' tha strahan action in her grill.
by Johnny Hatred October 22, 2006
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Someone with a wierd but cool gap-tooth smile like New York Giants, Michael Strahan.
I went to a house party and this couple has the coolest Strahan smile in the world.
by Demetrius Klyce May 31, 2005
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An abnormally large turd (or average sized log for a 6'5" man with increased fiber intake). Often results in an immense sense of pride and accomplishment, so much so that you are inclined to show off to friends and family.
Kelly: Hey Michael, did you see that strahan I left for you in the cisgender bathroom?
Michael: That was yours?? I thought I forgot to flush after first breakfast. Hi five!

Guy 1: Did you see my strahan on instagram?
Guy 2: Everyone saw it, good call on the Washington for size reference
Guy 1: Thanks, I saw that in a movie.
by regulartime May 04, 2016
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