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to stooze is when you get a credit card with a 0% introductory rate (for usaly 6-18 months). Then you take the balance and put it in a high intrest bank account till the the 0% rate is up and then pay the balance back and keep the interest you made.
ed: "Yo I just made $2,500 off of HSBC"
Bill: "How'd you do that?"
Ed: " I stoozed them nigaz"
by Chitownfool February 14, 2008
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some one who is a dirt bag
some one who aint liked by others
people who aint smart
you are a stooze
look at the stooze
by john and tyler April 26, 2006
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to study and booze at one and the same time. very similar to the peaceful fusion of both yin and yang, ren and stimpy, burt and erny, and gin and juice.
depending on which part of the country you hail from, penalty shots can be assigned for distractions and/or tangents leading to any form of mischief.

hey scotty mclosealot, what are your plans for this evening?

um, i dont know. dinner. but i got lots of studying

oh snap, well i was gonna ask if you wanted to booze but... nevermind. not much else id expect from a mclosealot.

whoawhoawhoaaaa dude. bra. im from b-more. not b-less. i didnt say i wasnt boozing.

ohhhhhhhhh damn. you tryna stooze toniz??

helllllllll yeaaaa braheem. dont you know me??

aight, im gnna go see if anyone wants to get stoozed with us.
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a nerdy,clumsy person who is annoying and is a loser who nobody likes.This word can dirrive to such words as stoozy,stoze,or stooze-ma-lose,and stooze-monk.
Get away from me you stooze!
Hey billy your a stooze-ma-lose!
Look at this stooze-monk!
by Tyler Evans April 21, 2006
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