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One of the most popular bands of the early 1990s that featured lead singer Ian Brown, John Squire on guitar, Mani on bass, and Reni on drums . The Roses burst onto the Mancunian music scene with their debut album, 'The Stone Roses', released in 1989. The band's sound was marked by enigmatic lyrics filled with Biblical references coupled with dance-influenced riffs. (A now-infamous book, 'ONELOVESTORY', has been written ont he topic that the Stone Roses set out to rule the world and herald the second coming of the Messiah.) However, feuds between band members escalated soon after they released their second and final album 'Second Coming' in 1994. The band more or less ended on April Fools Day of the next year, and Oasis and The Verve went on to succeed the Roses as the next kings of British rock.
one more for the dreamers...
by vervegirl November 11, 2004
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To have it all at your feet and still manage to royally f*** it up. See also 'George Best'.
Southgate missing the penalty in Euro '96 against Germany. He: "proper Stone Rosed it".
by Richey April 06, 2004
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