The act of packing your balls into a woman's ass as if you were packing/stoking a pipe.
"Last night I met a chick who wanted me to stoke the knot. I said "what's that? And she said pack your nutbag into my whispering eye. I obliged her."
by Chaps Provelone October 28, 2021
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the action of refusing to admit to yourself that you’re obsessively following an individual.
Stok (also spelt stoke):
Dude stop stoking we all know you’re a stalker.”
by WGF inc. October 30, 2021
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To be so excited that one exhibits signs of a ischemic stroke.
And drew radovich thought “Lloyd is so excited he has to be stoking out
by The meathammer November 19, 2018
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The act of inserting one or more objects into a vagina or anus.
Me nd' my gang Stove Stoked that chick last night.
by Popcorn OveN 226 October 08, 2011
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Latin genius; member of the Elite Latin Squad; obsessed with Joshua Basset and anything involving the Bachelor Franchise; avid follower of the infamous Mafia Princess
dude 1: Hey have you done your homework yet?
dude 2: no, but I'm sure Latin Genius Taylor Stokes hasn't either. She's too busy watching the new episode of The Bachelor.
by mafia_princess October 13, 2020
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Absolute legend. Will take your girl. Greatest Rugby League player the game’s ever seen. NRL premiership winner by 2025.
Person 1: ‘Did you see that absolutely swole premiership winning bloke the other day?’
Person 2: ‘Yeah must of been Drew Stokes.’
by Joey. January 27, 2021
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