Grenades (A.K.A. Disgusting girls) that cling to you or other grenades.
John: Look at that group of Stickies walking down the pier!

Alex: Aww shit bro! Hopefully they don't approach us or I'm out of here.
by MAnotNJ August 20, 2011
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Describing someone as awkward, not pleasing/strange to touch, and/or feeling irritable/abnormal when you look at them.
Ya dude, she came with out any makeup on or anything. She looked kinda sticky.
by Arishorts August 15, 2010
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(adj) male or female who is hard to get rid of, who is as sticky as glue.
_Yesterday, the guy I met in the pub was soo sticky ! I really found it hard to get rid of him.

_This chick is really sticky. she is on me/all over me like a bad suit !

_I dumped my boyfriend because he became really sticky.
by Freaky Flower November 26, 2008
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Extremely cool. The absolute best pertaining to any situation.
Bro that string job is sticky.

That move you just did was fuzzin sticky son.

Did you see that bro? That was the stickiest ride I have ever seen.
by masterfirm April 10, 2011
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A nasty girl; a hoe, someone who looks dirty to the touch. undesireable
That trick is mad sticky.

She sticky as hell!
by yariyaya October 31, 2008
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ok stickies r wut the plasma grenades r called if u have played xbox(live) for more than an hr....everyone calls them this, simply because in a battle saying plas-ma gren-ade....takes way too long, too many syllables...its much easier doing the stick-ies....way better.....they r by far the most entertaining, and effcient(besides sniping) way to kill opponents(or teammates)
other associated words plasma grenade large beautiful blue explosion of doom
blue1:i just stuck a red guy!
red1:{runs around like a chicken with its head cut off} I JUST GOT STUCK!!{large beautiful blue explosion of doom}
blue1:i do love stickies
by widgeon December 22, 2005
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This is when your girlfriend is in the middle of giving you a blowjob, and then you step back 2ft and then when you are coming you try to stick your cum all over her face.
"Last night I was finally able to give my girlfriend a good sticky because the last few nights I kept missing her face."
by K-D06 May 22, 2006
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