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a movement or mechanical action sticking due to surface tension of lubricant or small amount of friction.
My wristwatch wasn't working, but I gave it a little shake, just to get past sticktion, and it's fine now.
by Jack July 14, 2003
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A generally undesirable trait to try to get rid of, that is caused by pressure in combination with metal to metal contact. Because metal is porous, when the metal is dry or the pressure exceeds the capacity of the lubricant, two pieces of metal occupy the same space causing "stoppage" and "sticking". As force increases, the sticking breaks until it sticks again. Both inconvenience as well as metal wear are the result.
When cornering the motorcycle, sticktion in the old-time forks causes unsmooth cornering caused by the make-break action.
by techshooter September 29, 2003
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