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a man with larger than normal dick usually above 8inches...can usually last hours in bed
"oh man Jerrad last night was a stevon all the way"
by Micheal McJohnson January 29, 2008
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Stevon is a guy that you want to spend every moment with. You never want to let go of him and you never want to lose him. He may look tough and scary but once you get to know him he’s a sweet loving guy that needs someone he can trust for once in his life. He’s been through hell and back with a couple of people and he had let people go. He has been hurt by some people so be careful about the things you do to him.

He’s good at video games so don’t try and beat him because you will lose. He also is always right so don’t try and argue with him.
“See that guy with a fat ass!? He must be a Stevon”
by Cavebird bitches July 17, 2018
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